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Puppy Choosing and Buying

  1. Buying a dog is not like buying a toy for you to play with and discard or put aside when you're tired of it.. Having a dog in your home is like having a new member in your family. Here are some tips on buying and choosing your dog. First make sure you have the time and money to spend for your dog. Many dogs show behavior problems because their master doesn't have time to socialize and interact with their dogs. Dogs do suffer from depression just like humans do. Food, medical and maintenance cost for dogs nowadays are very expensive. So make sure you can afford one.
  2. Know which breed you like, and then from there research on that particular breed. You should also decide if you want a pet dog or a show dog.
  3. Watching dog shows and talking to breeders, veterinarian, trainers or fellow dog owner will help you know more about the standards of the breeds. Its highly recommend you watch a dog show first before you buy.
  4. Ask around for good reputable breeders, sometimes they may cost more, but more often than not it is all worth it. They produce quality pups with good temperament. This is specially important to large breed dogs like Rottweiler.
  5. If you think you know enough about the breed and decided on that particular breed, talked to your family about it. It is important that all will agree with adding a new member in your family.
  6. Always remember, dogs are your best friend, can you be their best friend too?

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